Jinsheng(JS) high quality magnesium oxide board mgo board
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Jinsheng(JS) produce Magnsium Oxide board for many years, the correct formula and raw materials and advanced machines to produce are all very important to control the quality of the board.In the past 12 years, we test, produce, and do further processing for magnesium oxide board, we are different quality with other manufactures in China, it is easily to be distinguished through see samples by eyes and touch by hands, not to say use.




100% non


white / grey

Bending strength


Water content


Nailing Strength


Flexural strength


Safty content

no radiator, no asbestos, no poisionous

Impact resistance


Thermal conductive




Wet expansion rate


Mgo Board production line, computer control and automatic production can make the quality is very high and balance in different batch.

Mgo Board projects, attached with light steel structuures, which is also produced by Jingsheng Company.

Advantages of Jinsheng(JS) Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board

1. High fireproof: 1- 4hours

2. Easy use: can be nailed, screw, cut, sawed and jointed easily

3. Eco: 100% no harm to human body

4. Good physical performance: small changing size by the big temperature changing.

5. Insects proof

6. Good thermal insulation, please refer to data in the table above.

7. Good paiting performance

8. Can be painted, laminated and be used as fireproof layer.

9. The rough side is easily for ceramic

We did oversea business always from China trade companies in the past, but from now on, we hope more and more companies all over the world can cooperated with us, we are the manufacture have the ability to support your business, if you have the intrest to be our customer, our agent, our distributor, please email us directly to xqh@sdjinsheng.com, thank you.

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